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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD


Led by Mrs Forsyth

Our varied, ever-evolving Art curriculum aims to motivate and excite by offering our budding young artists an extensive range of areas to study from across history and the world! By embracing our fortuitous location of the coast and woodlands, children at Kingsdown and Ringwould engage fully in their learning, cultivate positive attitudes and relationships and make progress with developing artistic skills so their God-given talents can shine. Art and design has a strong impact upon wellbeing. This value can be seen in the uptake and enjoyment of our art and design clubs. Opportunities to create and display work in the community are actively encouraged and we see that current, topical art projects can ignite life-long interests in the arts.

“Art is really fun, but it is really hard too – that’s what I like about it!” Sydney

“If I am feeling worried, I clear my mind with drawing. Scribbles and squiggling helps me.” Joe

“You get to express who you are and be creative.” Felicity

“I’d love to do even more art – art as big as the classroom!” Mia

“It is the best day when we do art!” Seth

“I like drawing people’s faces, but it is hard until you get some help.” Betsie

“You can do what you like in your own mind, not the same as everyone else. Then try new things and add them too!” Freddie

“I love colours and painting the bestest!” Jess