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Year 1     Curriculum Outline Terms 3 and 4 2018/19

Dear Parents and Carers,
We hope you had a lovely, relaxing Christmas and New Year!

Towards the end of last term the children’s learning began to take more of a formal, structured approach which we will continue now until the end of the year. Children will continue to be encouraged to develop skills and explore their own interests throughout Year 1.

Areas of learning which we will cover during Terms 3 and 4 include:

English – We will begin this term looking at instruction writing using Peter Pan as our starting point. The children will be applying skills they have learnt already this year as well as developing some new ones to continue to improve their fantastic writing!

PhonicsWe are following Letters and Sounds; the children have learnt Phase 3 sounds now, so we will be moving onto/continuing Phase 5 this term.

Reading - Guided Learning sessions will continue this term every day after lunch.

Numeracy – The children will still be working practically and will be problem solving within our Maths lessons, extending our knowledge of place value and beginning to investigate measurement.

Science – Everyday Materials – Children will be carrying out simple tests to investigate the properties of different materials.

ICT – In computing, the children will be continuing to develop the skills they have been learning in terms 1 and 2.

History – Then and Now – The children will be comparing the past and the present, looking at different elements such as toys, homes and schools!

We will then move onto our castles topic, investigating different castles, including our very own Deal, Walmer and Dover,

RE – Christianity – Miracles and other stories about Jesus.

Art –There will be lots of creative activities interwoven with the other subjects in our curriculum. We will be focussing on printing this term in our art lessons.

Design & Technology – We will be making our own junk modelling castles, following a design criteria, linked with our History topic.

Music – Sound & Hearing - Listening to and making a variety of sounds. There will also be lots of singing and exploring instruments in other subjects and through play.

PE Ball Skills – Children will be working on simple ball skills this term.

Reading books

Please continue to ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in their bags on their days.

Red and green groups: Monday and Wednesday
Blue and yellow groups: Tuesday and Thursday

Fridays will continue to be word list testing so please make sure if your child wants to have their words tested, that their reading record is placed in the box.

Homework will continue to be given out on a Friday and will need to be returned the following Thursday in order to be marked and new homework issued.


In addition to your child’s homework on a Friday, they will now be issued with some spellings to learn at home in preparation for a spelling test on Friday mornings. A lot of the spellings which have been allocated are similar to those on their word lists, however we are now aiming for the children to be able to spell them not just sight read them. Each week there will be 10 spellings however there is no obligation for the children to learn all 10, if you feel your child would be best to focus on a set few, they will not be penalised for this. Children’s spelling scores will not be given out. The aim of these tests is to encourage the children to try to spell words phonetically in their writing and begin to spell the high frequency words (word list words) correctly. If your child is confident with the 10 spellings prior to the test on Fridays, the next step would be to encourage them to apply these spellings in sentences correctly.

Our PE days remain on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please could you ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days.

Snack   Children may bring in fruit for snack at playtime. Children also receive free fruit for playtime snacks, provided by the school.

Water bottles Please continue to ensure your child has a labelled water bottle with them.

Communication book
Please continue to use the communication book if there are any problems.


Best regards,                                                    Miss Rebecca Dicks and The Year One Team.