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Elephants Year 1 


                       Year 1     Curriculum Outline Terms 1 and 2 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,
Welcome to Year 1! We hope you had a lovely, relaxing summer break!

The children will continue working in a similar way to the Reception Class for the first term. Each week will include learning through playful activity both indoors and out. We will continue working with the Early Years Foundation Stage principles and move onto the National Curriculum for Year 1 as the term and children progress. Children will be working in a range of focused groups for Literacy and Numeracy. Other subjects will be taught through topic based activities. Children will be encouraged to develop skills and explore their own interests throughout Year 1.

Areas of learning which we will cover during Terms 1 and 2 include:

English – A wide range of stories and non-fiction books related to our topic and poetry. We will continue to follow a dedicated programme of phonics to ensure your child is given the best possible start for their reading and development.

PhonicsWe are following Letters and Sounds; in Year 1 we revise all sounds learnt so far. Then, we will start on Phase 3.

Reading - Towards the end of this term, children will also begin to participate in Guided Learning sessions in the morning. The children will be placed in small groups where they will read and talk about books with the Class Teacher/Teaching Assistant.

Numeracy – Counting, ordering numbers, addition, comparing lengths, subtracting, money, 2D shapes and routes through movement. Practical activities and problem solving tasks are planned to support the children in their mathematical development.

Science –Animals including humans – Children will learn about different animals and how to categorise them. We will also spend the latter half of the term looking at humans and our bodies.

ICT – Our first topic is ‘We Are Painters’. The children will learn some of the skills and tools used in Paint and create pictures based around ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’.

History – Transport – We will be looking at how transport has changed over time.

Geography – Safari – Children will learn about Kenya and the animals you might find on safari.

RE – Christianity – Miracles and other stories about Jesus.

Art – Collaging. There will be lots of creative activities interwoven with the other subjects in our curriculum.

Design & Technology – We will be making our own vehicles to link with our history topic.

Music – Sound & Hearing - Listening to and making a variety of sounds. There will also be lots of singing and exploring instruments in other subjects and through play.

PE Gymnastics – Exploring moving (linked to Science) – we will work on moving like an animal, using floor space and apparatus.

Dance - Dance with Danni will assist with the dance lessons this term (at no additional charge).

Reading books
Your child will get a new reading book of the same level as at the end of Year R and a new reading record to record when you, I and staff members hear them read.

To ensure all children are heard read on a regular basis and to help children change their books, children are assigned reading days. Please can you ensure your child has their reading book and reading record in their bags on these days.

Red and green groups: Monday and Wednesday
Blue and yellow groups: Tuesday and Thursday

Much of your child’s development in reading will focus on ‘decoding’ to begin with (sounding out words), but we will quickly move onto comprehension (understanding the meaning of what they read) which is the next important stage to their mastery of reading. You can assist this at home by asking questions about the story, characters and setting as you read with your child and by listening to them talk about the story.

We will not be starting homework until after half term, once they have grasped other skills and routines in year one. Until then, you can further you child’s learning at home by reading together regularly; reading to your child and talking about the stories and non-fiction books or magazines you have shared; sharing how you use number and mathematics in everyday life; simple counting cars whilst on a journey; counting money while shopping; reading numbers when you are out and about; ordering or grouping their teddies; sorting money, objects, Lego.  These are just a few suggestions of where mathematics can be found at home.

Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday. Please could you ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days. They will need shorts, a T-shirt and plimsolls for indoor PE and jogging bottoms, a T-shirt and plimsolls or trainers for outdoor PE.

Snack   Children may bring in a plain bread snack and / or fruit for snack at playtime. Children also receive free fruit for playtime snacks, provided by the school.

Water bottles  Please can your child bring a water bottle to school, labelled with their name.

Communication book
Each child will have a Communication Book in their book bag. This book is an extra line of communication for those times when you can’t meet face to face with me or my support staff at the beginning or the end of the day. Should you need to discuss anything in depth, an appointment will need to be made to ensure your query or concern receives the necessary time and attention.

Best regards,                                                    Miss Rebecca Dicks and The Year One Team.