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Lemurs Year 4 

cartoon of lemur


Dear Parents,

Welcome back after the Christmas break. Here is a brief outline of the work that we will be covering in each curriculum area during this term.

Maths: We will be working through many Maths topics. Themes for this term include: division, fractions, decimals, measure (including time) and data handling.

English: We will study language at word, sentence and text levels. The particular texts that we will be looking at are stories and novels about imaginary worlds, fantasy settings, information books and explanation texts. We will also study spelling rules in class linked to each week’s spellings.

Science: Circuits and conductors – the children will make electrical circuits with switches, and learn about electrical conductors and insulators.

Computing: We will be learning how to be ‘Software Developers’ and using electronic equipment with Excel to record weather data.

Geography: We will learn about weather through our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic.

History: We will be looking at how crime and punishment has changed throughout the ages.

Art: Children will be studying the artist Hockney.

DT: Children will be making alarms, using their knowledge gained from their Science.

RE: Children will be considering the questions ‘What kind of world did Jesus want?’ and ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’?’

PE: The children will be taking part in dance and gymnastics.

Music: The children will be exploring melodies and scales.

Each week there will be one homework task linked to different curriculum areas. These given to the children on Tuesday and will be collected by the following Monday. (Please note if homework is late, it may not be marked.) Mrs Rogers will continue to give the children spellings and times tables and these will be tested on a Friday. Children should spend no more than 30 minutes on each piece of homework a week.

Please continue to read or to listen to your child reading regularly at home and all children have a diary in which you can write any comments.

Please make sure that your child has shorts and a t-shirt for PE. They will need plimsolls for gymnastics and dance. P.E is on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has suitable outdoor kit when the weather is cold as we may go outside.

FYI - The school play will be performed on the afternoon and evening of January 31st.

I hope that you will find this information useful and if you have any queries please come and discuss them with me.


Mrs MacKellar