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Kingsdown & Ringwould

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Lemurs Year 4 

cartoon of lemur


Dear Parents,


Welcome back after the summer break.  In terms 1 and 2 the Lemurs will be studying the following topics across the areas of the curriculum.



Themes for this term include place value, mental and written strategies for +,-, x and ÷, shape and measure.


English: The texts that we will be looking at are stories with historical contexts, recount writing including newspaper reports, fantasy stories and poetry.


Science: The children will work on two topics this term:

  1. Animals including the digestive system and teeth.
  2. States of matter


Computing: We will be starting to learn how to touch type. We will also be recapping and learning new skills: using Word and PowerPoint, emailing, blogging, getting the most out of DB Primary and E-Safety when internet searching. 


Geography: We will be learning about Scandinavia, studying the physical and human features and comparing them to our locality.


History: This term we will be learning about the Vikings, including where they come from, how they lived, why they invaded and what it would have been like to be a Viking.


Art: Children will be studying the artist Escher and his different styles of work.


Design and Technology: Children will be looking at ‘moving parts’ to create pop up



RE: What do Christians learn from the creation story? We will look at the creation story and how Adam and Eve were tempted. We will look at wrongdoing and forgiveness and how Christians do this. We will retell the story in newspaper format. What is the Trinity? We will look this big idea and how Christians worship God as Trinity. We will look at the four Gospels, baptism, poetry, artwork and songs to help us understand this. We will create a verse of a song and Christmas cards


PE: Children will be doing a mixture of games activities including Ultimate Frisbee, Unihoc, basketball and tag rugby.


Music: The children will be learning to recognise, describe and perform rhythmic patterns. They will also be continuing to learn how to play the recorder.






Homework will be handed out on a Wednesday, to be collected back in on the following Monday. Please be aware homework will be marked on a Monday, therefore it may not be marked if it is in late. Please spend no more than 30 minutes on each piece of work, (unless your child is enjoying it). If incomplete just indicate on the page the time spent on the activity.


Spellings and times table lists will be given to children, with a copy of the termly list to be kept at school and one at home. These will be tested on a Friday. If your list gets misplaced and you need a new one, don’t hesitate to ask.


Children should read or listen to reading regularly at home and children will have a school diary in which you can write any comments. Please note that we do class Guided Reading sessions, and have daily reading time, but we rely on parent helpers for individual reading. Reading at home is therefore extremely important.


Please make sure that your child has shorts and a t-shirt for PE. They will need plimsolls for gymnastics and dance, and trainers for Games. (Due to the better weather prior to Christmas we will largely be outside for Games so children would benefit from having trainers for every session.) P.E/Games sessions will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has suitable outdoor kit for outdoor Games at different times of the year.


Please be aware that playtime snacks should be fruit only. Please also ensure your child brings a water bottle to school, particularly in the warmer weather.


If you have any further queries please feel free to come and discuss them with me. I will be outside of school Mon-Thursday at pick up time. If you need to see me at any other time, please arrange an appointment through the office.


Mrs Mackellar