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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Lions Year 6 

Kingsdown and Ringwould Church of England Primary School

Welcome to the final two terms of your child’s education at Kingsdown and Ringwould CEP School. The children have a busy time ahead of them, especially in the next few weeks as they prepare for their KS2 end of year assessments, and then afterwards, completing the curriculum so that they are fully prepared to move on to secondary school.  Assessment week is Monday 13th May to Friday 17th May and your child must be in school every day that week for these important tests, the results of which will be sent to their secondary schools.  Additionally on that Friday afternoon, the pupils will receive a visit from a Stagecoach transport representative who will give them valuable information and advice about the logistics and their safety for when they are travelling on public transport to their secondary schools next year.


In the curriculum this summer, the following will be covered:

Maths Children will revise all necessary areas of maths prior to the assessment tests. In term 6 they will continue with maths investigations and complete a unit of ‘transition maths’ to prepare them for secondary school.  It’s very enjoyable, as it’s a time of ‘recreational’ Maths too!

English Children will revise all necessary areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as practising reading comprehension skills.  High-level fiction and non-fiction writing across the entire curriculum will continue to secure and further develop your child’s skillset and eloquence, in preparation for secondary school.

Science .This term, the children will study ‘Living Things and their Habitats’.  Elements of human biology which relate to the children at this age will be covered as they learn about human reproduction and how babies are born.

Geography The children will learn about Coasts, including coastal features and the direct impact that coastal erosion could have on coastal living in the future. 

RE Art and architecture in religion will be discussed, and whether or not these are the most effective ways of showing a religion.  After that, the Kingdom of God will be studied.

Computing Pupils will continue to further their excel spreadsheet knowledge.  Subsequently, the children will look into being responsible online at this important transitional stage of their lives.

History The civilisation of The Maya will be researched and learnt.

PE Pupils will take part in various activities this summer including athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities, cricket, rounders and tennis. Please ensure that your child full PE kit in school every day, as practice for events could happen at any opportunity, and the Y6 weekly timetable is often subject to alteration, due to other events.

Languages Children will continue to have French embedded into daily life and will learn even more vocabulary to put them in good stead for secondary school.

Art The relationship between art and poetry will be examined, and children will create some of their own contemporary works.

DT Children will use DT skills to create 3D sculptures for the school.

Homework Homework will continue to be sent home for children to practise skills, consolidate knowledge and research topics. The tasks will be given out on a Friday and they are to be returned on the subsequent Monday (or Tuesday in the case of a Bank Holiday).  There will be a break from homework for a while following SATs, however homework will commence again during the first half of term 6 (to re-establish good habits, independent ‘ownership’ of homework and self-study for secondary school) and may be related to any of the subjects in the curriculum. Altogether homework should take no more than 2 ½ hours per week, in line with Government recommendations.  Additionally, in the past, some pupils have voiced concerns about missing school learning time due to elections, bank holidays etc. in the build-up to SATs, so for those days, I will provide optional revision.  I am finding that many of the pupils in this current class have already matured into taking ownership of their learning, and want to be prepared to make themselves feel comfortable.  Please be reassured that I am not worried about the SATs and nor should your child be – we are very well-prepared indeed, however, I find their maturity with their learning admirable and something to be encouraged.

Yearly Planner: Thank you for continuing to encourage your child to use their planner to write down homework, targets, tasks to do, notes, things to remember and to keep a record of their reading, as well as their merit stickers for achieving targets.  Thank you also for using the planner as a means of communication between home and school.  Planners will still be collected in weekly to be checked in general, and to have the regularity of reading to an adult out of school checked (understanding what is being conveyed by text is more pertinent than ever: it’s not a case of ‘Can you read?’; it’s a case of ‘Can you understand and take it in?’).  If you would like a copy of some question openings that aid question composition for the discussion of texts, please ask me by means of your child’s planner.  Helping pupils to comprehend and interpret the text they read is more important than ever as he or she approaches that time of his or her life that will involve self-study via reading.


During term 6, all children from years 5 and 6 will be involved in a talent show, which is scheduled for Tuesday 9th July.  All children will be taking part in a whole upper key stage number.  Children may put forward their own acts as groups, pairs or solo. Props, resources and costumes should be sourced by the children, although they may borrow equipment from school with UKS2 staff permission.  Auditions will be in the first week back of term 6 to secure a place in the show as a group, pair or solo act, then several rehearsals will follow before the event.  Children should also independently rehearse out of school.  I am sure it will be a great success.


I hope that you will find this information useful and if you have any queries please come and see me after quickly checking my availability at the office.


Mrs Chapman