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Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
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Meerkats Year 2 

Dear Parents,

Welcome back after the Easter break.  I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and ready for another busy term at school.   The children will be taking their End of Key Stage Tests (SATs) in May.  Please be assured that they will be undertaken in a stress free and relaxed environment with the children encouraged to just try their best.  We will be joined by Miss Leaman, a student teacher who you may have met before, for the summer term.


This term the children of Class 2 will be studying the following topics across the areas of the curriculum.

  • English: Stories written by Julia Donaldson, performance poetry, newspaper writing, persuasive writing and adventure stories.  We will be recapping on some of the key spelling and grammar skills the children have learnt and start to add an even larger range of exciting vocabulary to our work. The children will learn about speech marks and how to use them correctly.
  • Maths: Problem solving, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, shapes, money, statistics and capacity.
  • Science:  We will continue to develop our process skills, focusing upon questioning and recording our investigations. The themes will be ‘plants’ and ‘animals including humans’.
  • Computing:  The children will develop skills in creating a presentation, emailing and presenting data.
  • History:  The children will be studying the events of the Great Plague of 1665, with a particular focus on the village of Eyam in Derbyshire.
  • Geography: The children will be investigating going to the seaside, starting from a study of the local area and the facilities it provides and moving to a global understanding of holiday destinations.
  • RE: For the next two terms the children will be learning about Islam and the practices of Muslims today around the world. The children will be encouraged to make links to what they already know and take this learning deeper. 
  • D.T.: We will be looking at different vehicles and making our own.
  • Art: Children will experiment creating different types of sculpture.
  • Music:  The children will explore the topic of ‘interesting sounds’ and we’ll make links to stories and films. As the term progresses we’ll introduce them to the idea of graphic notation and writing down the music we play.
  • PE: The children will be taking part in athletics, team building games, rounders’ and swimming activities.  Swimming starts this Friday.  Please can you ensure that your child is confident changing into and out of their swimming costume (especially girls!)?  It may be wise for children to wear their costume to school underneath their school uniform.  We leave almost immediately so it is important that children are not late to school on Fridays, or unfortunately we would have to leave without them.


We are looking forward to another action packed term of learning!

Kind regards

Mr Parr, Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Arthur and Mrs Baker