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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD

Meerkats Year 2 


Dear Parents/Carers


This term the children in the Meerkats will be studying the following topics across the areas of the curriculum.

  • English: A range of fiction and non-fiction texts will be explored, including information texts about meerkats and fire safety, instructions, poetry and traditional tales from around the world.
  • Maths: Many topics will be undertaken during the term, including number and place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shape, measure, time and data handling.  Support from you in the use and value of coins and time telling would be most helpful.
  • Science:  We will be investigating living things and their habitats. They will have a chance to develop skills such as sorting, classifying and observing closely.
  • Computing:  The children will develop skills in photography including taking, downloading and editing photos. 
  • History:  The children will be studying the events of the Great Fire of London, the Gunpowder Plot and the reasons why poppies are used to remember those who died in World War 1.
  • Geography: The children will be investigating the continents and oceans of the world and thinking about where in the world they would like to explore.
  • RE: The Creation story will be our focus as the children consider how important this is to Christians across the world.  As Christmas approaches we will think about incarnation.
  • DT:  The children will create moving pictures using mechanisms such as levers, wheels and sliders.
  • Art: The children will explore and create a range of different artworks, tying in with our topics in history and geography.  Our first creations will be collages of the Great Fire of London, and our very own Tudor houses.
  • Music: Children will be learning about long and short sounds by exploring beat, duration and using a variety of instruments.
  • P.E. We are very lucky this term to be learning dance with the Dance with Danni team.  We will also be taking part in multiskills activities.  Please make sure kit is in school at all times.


Please feel free to support the subjects being covered through investigations on the Internet or at the Library.  I am available throughout the year after school to discuss any questions you may have concerning your child’s wellbeing and education.


Thank you for your continued support.


Mr Parr and the Year 2 team