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Otters Year 2

Otters Class 2020 Terms 3 and 4

Curriculum outline

Dear Parents, Carers and children

Welcome back after the break, I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and that the children are excited to be back and learning.  Thank you for the cards, well-wishes and presents for all Year 2 staff at Christmas, we are very grateful! 

During the coming two terms, the Otters will be studying the following topics across the areas of the curriculum.

  • English: We will be studying Nellie Bly in term 3, a famous explorer and journalist. We will write biographies of her life and become journalists ourselves. In Term 4, We will be comparing fairy tales from different cultures and making links.
  • Maths: Many topics will be undertaken during the term including place value, the four main operations, fractions, shape, statistics, measuring, money and time.  Support from you in the use and value of coins and time telling would be most helpful.
  • Science:  The children will be investigating the uses and properties of everyday materials.  We will be testing which materials are best for different uses and investigating how waterproof/absorbent/translucent they are.
  • Computing:  We will be studying programming in Term 3, including how to follow, create and debug algorithms.  In Term 4, the children will learn to be researchers and research information to make their own presentation.
  • History:  In Term 3, the children will be studying significant people from the past.  We will be comparing Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong to decide who we think was the greatest explorer.
  • Geography:  In Term 4, the children will be investigating what life is like for a family living in Tocuaro, a small village in Mexico. They will compare lifestyles with their own.  We will be celebrating our learning with a Mexican party at the end of Term 4, a date will be confirmed soon.
  • RE:  We will be learning about the Gospel and finding out how Christians around the world help to spread the word of God.  In Term 4, we will learn about the key theme of Salvation in Christianity with the Easter story focus by exploring the Christian practices which relate to this.
  • Art/D.T.:  In Term 3, we will be studying various artists and the way they use colour.  We will be looking at aspects of colour such as primary and secondary colours, warm and cool colours, tinting and shading.  In Term 4, the children will make traditional Mexican products, including maracas, ponchos and pottery.
  • Music: The children will be exploring musical dynamics and learning about timbre and pitch.
  • PE: We will be undertaking hockey, tennis and gymnastics.  You are welcome to send your child in with clothes for colder weather and trainers if you wish.
  • Homework: The most important part of the homework process is regular sessions reading with your child.  Children will continue be given a weekly spelling list which will be tested on a Friday.  A maths activity and handwriting practice will also be sent home on Thursday.  All homework should be returned by the following Wednesday at latest, so it can be marked.  

Please feel free to support the subjects being covered through investigations on the Internet or at the library.  As always, we are available after school to discuss any questions you may have concerning your child’s wellbeing and education, prior commitment permitting.  We look forward to another happy and productive term with the class.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Savage, Mr Parr and Mrs Earl.