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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD

Owls Year 1 



Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a fun and restful Easter holiday.

In the next terms the children will be covering the following:

English – Stories, non-fiction books & poetry related to our topics, instructions and letters.  We will be planning for the topics to focus on journeys/transport for term 5, & 6. We will continue to support the children’s reading and writing, focusing on grammar, spelling and handwriting.

Mathematics Counting, ordering numbers, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division comparing weight and capacity, money, 3D shapes, sorting objects, time and handling data - mostly taught through problem solving activities.

Science – Plants – Identify and name a variety of common plants, including garden plants, wild plants and trees. We look at the basis structure of common plants. We will be planting in our new allotment area. Children will require old trousers and trainers every day for the next few weeks.(These can be from their PE bag – see below)

Seasonal Changes – Looking at the sun, the months of the year and how the world around us changes throughout the year.

Computing – Information around us –Looking at signs and information around us, such as, dictionaries, calendars, encyclopaedias, fact books and search engines on the computer. We will be learning to plan stories and organise our thoughts, using simple software to help us take control of our learning.

History – Transport - Exploring different sorts of transport, when they were invented and used. Transport for journeys especially going on holidays. How transport has changed over the years.

We will be going to the Dover Transport Museum, please see a separate letter.

Geography –Countries in the UK – Looking at their flags, patron saints, flowers and geographical features.

RE Children will be encouraged to develop their thinking skills, and through discussion, develop their questioning skills. Saints - looking at some important saints in the Christian calendar.

Design & Technology – Making sandwiches. Clay tiles for the quiet area.

Art – Weaving and painting.

Music –Exploring instruments and symbols. Exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics.  Learning songs for the Infant singing festival – see separate letter in Term 6.

PSHESEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) It’s good to be me – Exploring the feelings of being proud of one self. Changes – exploring changes that affect us and our lives.

PE – Athletics –Exploring throwing, jumping and running techniques. Games –A range of single, small group and class games including ball skills. We will be teaching the children some basic tennis skills.

We will be doing PE on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please ensure all children have shorts, T-shirt, trainers, track suit bottoms, and plimsolls. Also, that long hair is tied back. If you dress your daughter in tights, please ensure she has a pair of socks in her P.E. bag. Also, that all kit, school clothes, water bottle and packed lunch boxes are clearly labelled.


HomeworkThe most important part of the homework process is regular sessions of reading with or/and to your child. A Mathematics activity, that could take the form of a game, a task or a written activity, will be sent home on a Friday, to be completed and handed back by the Thursday. Each task should take no longer than 15 minutes. The spelling list sent home each Friday will now be tested on the following Friday morning. Please practise writing these spellings out and learning them together, as this will aid your child’s writing immensely. The spelling list will continue to be the high frequency words for year 1.


If you or any members of your family can help with any of the topics – either by coming into class or providing resources, please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated! If there are any queries or any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me, either at the end of the school day or via the Home School Contact Book (which if you write in please ask your child to place it on my desk) or email me



Yours sincerely



Mrs Rogers