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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD

Staff and Governors

Current staffing is as follows::

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Jo Hygate

Head of School:                Mrs Rose Cope

Year 6 Team-                    Lead Teacher:                      Mrs K Chapman

  LIONS                               Teacher:                               Mrs A Everett

                                            PPA Cover:                           Mrs J Rogers

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs A Calder / Mr Greg Martin

Year 5 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Miss M Savage

  DOLPHINS                       PPA Cover:                          Mrs J Rogers

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs L Baldwin

Year 4 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Mr C Summers

                                            Teacher:                               Mrs J Rogers

 Lemurs                              PPA Cover:                          Mrs K Forsyth

                                            Teaching Assistants:          Mrs K Brown/ Mrs L Earl/

Year 3 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Mrs H Mackellar

                                            Teacher:                               Mrs J Rogers

  Toucans                           PPA Cover:                          Mrs K Forsyth

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs Sara Roberts

Year 2 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Mr A Parr

  Meerkats                          PPA Cover:                          Mrs R Cope

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs Lesley Luckhurst / Mrs L Earl

Year 1 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Mrs M Hector

 Hedgehogs                      PPA Cover:                          Mrs J Rogers

                                            Teaching Assistants:         Mrs A Waters/  Mrs R Stephaniuk/ Mrs Layla Baker

Early Years Team-            Lead Teacher:                     Mrs M Teall

 Tiny Tigers                        PPA Cover:                          Mrs M Moczulski

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs M Moczulski/ Mrs R Stephaniuk

                                            SENCO-                              Mrs S Wallace

                                            Intervention TA                 Mrs A Cooper

                                            Premises-                            Mr R White

                                                                                         Mr D Trufitt

All members of our school team are committed to ensuring that your childs learning journey is both successful and enjoyable.

Environmental Lead: Mrs Jo Turpin

Office Staff
Mrs Maggi Bowden
Mrs Michelle Collins
Mrs Christine Lightbody                                                                                                
Caretaker: Mr Dave Trufitt                                                                                                                          

Premises/ Health and Safety: Mr Rob White
IT Technician:  SNS Solutions
Cook: Mrs Bev Templeman
Kitchen Staff:  Mrs Fiona Hoad / Mrs Kay Rushworth

Sport TA: Mrs Becky Lown