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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD

Staff and Governors

Current staffing is as follows::

Executive Headteacher: Mrs Jo Hygate

Head of School:               Mrs Rose Cope

Year 6 Team-                    Lead Teacher:                      Mrs K Chapman

  LIONS                              Teacher:                               Mrs A Everett

                                           PPA Cover:                           Mrs J Rogers

                                           Teaching Assistant:            Mrs A Calder 

Year 5 Team-                    Lead Teacher:                     Miss M Savage

  DOLPHINS                      PPA Cover:                          Mrs H Mackellar

                                           Teaching Assistant:            Mrs L Baldwin/ Mr Greg Martin

Year 4 Team-                    Lead Teacher:                     Mr C Summers

 Lemurs                             PPA Cover:                          Mrs J Rogers

                                           Teaching Assistants:          Mrs K Brown/ Mr Greg Martin

Year 3 Team-                    Lead Teacher:                     Miss E Cressey 

  Wolves                           PPA Cover:                          Mrs H Mackellar

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs A Cooper/ Mrs L Earl

Year 2 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Mr A Parr

  Meerkats                          PPA Cover:                          Mrs K Forsyth

                                            Teaching Assistant:            Mrs Lesley Luckhurst / Mrs L Baker

Year 1 Team-                     Lead Teacher:                     Miss R Dicks

 Elephants                         PPA Cover:                         Mrs K Forsyth

                                            Teaching Assistants:         Mrs A Waters

Early Years Team-            Lead Teacher:                     Mrs M Teall

 Tiny Tigers                        PPA Cover:                          Mrs M Moczulski

                                            Teaching Assistant:           Mrs R Stephaniuk

                                             Nurture Lead:                    Miss M Moczulski

                                            SENCO-                              Mrs S Wallace

                                            Premises-                            Mr R White

                                                                                         Mr D Trufitt

All members of our school team are committed to ensuring that your childs learning journey is both successful and enjoyable.

Office Staff
Mrs Maggi Bowden
Mrs Dee Watmough
Mrs Christine Lightbody                                                                                                
Caretaker: Mr Dave Trufitt                                                                                                                          

Premises/ Health and Safety: Mr Rob White
IT Technician:  Mr Harvie Palmer, SNS UK
Cook: Mrs Beverly Templeman
Kitchen Staff:  Mrs Fiona Hoad / Mrs Emma Waters

Sport TA: Mrs Becky Lown