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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD

Term dates

Academic Year 2019-2020

Term Dates for children to attend school

Term 1                                                                     INSET                                Monday 2nd September Start-                                                                                                    Start-                                       Tuesday 3rd September

                                                                                  Finish-                                     Friday 18th October


Term 2                                                                   INSET-                                Monday 28th October                                                                                                                      Start-                                       Tuesday 29th  October

                                                                                  Finish-                                     Wednesday 18th December

Term 3                                                                   INSET-                                 Monday 6th January

                                                                     Start-                                         Tuesday 7th January

                                                                                 Finish-                                       Friday 14th February

Term 4                                                                  Start-                                         Monday 24th February

                                                                                 Finish-                                       Wednesday 1st  April

Term 5                                                                  Start-                                         Thursday 16th April

                                                                                 Closed                                       Friday 8th May (Bank Holiday)

                                                                                 Finish-                                       Friday 22nd May

Term 6                                                                 INSET-                                  Monday 1st June

                                                                                Start-                                          Tuesday 2nd June

                                                                                 Finish-                                      Wednesday 22nd July


Please be aware that elections both national and local may change some of the dates. Updates will be sent out as soon as they have been confirmed.