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Tiny Tigers

cartoon of tiger cubWelcome to Kingsdown and Ringwould CofE School

Tiny Tigers Class 2019 – Term 3 and 4

Traditional Stories - Curriculum Outline


Communication and Language-

Tufty, Stripes and Tickles will begin to visit the Tiny Tigers for the weekend (3 children each week). Every Monday they will have the opportunity to tell their classmates all about their weekend; this helps to develop your child’s language, confidence and listening skills. We ask that you upload 1 or 2 photographs onto your child’s DB primary page so we can share them with the class on the whiteboard.

We will also continue to send home the special book bag. This should be a story book that can be read in full in no longer than 5-10 minutes to allow us enough time to read the story and still have time to talk about the best bits and the reasons why they chose that book.

Our role play area will become a bakery/café and will provide lots of opportunities for children not only to develop communication and language skills but also links to many other areas of the curriculum. Children will develop an understanding of some key concepts and new skills (healthy eating, money, reading, writing and working together) through their role play.


Physical Development-

This term we will continue  to change into PE kits for our Friday morning PE session (please check that your child’s uniform is labelled so we can easily return items of clothing that have got muddled up or lost). We were very impressed with the Tiny Tigers when changing into their costumes (independently) for the Christmas performance. Keep encouraging this independence as they are getting ready for school each morning please. Lots of children are now showing they are able to do up their own coats too, this is great for their fine motor skills, co-ordination and they are really proud when they keep trying hard and are successful!

In our PE sessions we will continue to think about how we move in a variety of ways and developing vital skills including throwing, catching, dribbling, skipping and balancing. In class we will continue to develop gross and fine motor skills through a variety of activities that develop and strengthen the muscles needed to be successful writers.  


Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We will be sharing lots of traditional stories and using these to explore new vocabulary and how the stories make them feel. We will also explore how the characters might be feeling and linking the stories to real life situations and asking the Tiny Tigers to talk about times when they have felt, happy, excited, worried or sad. We will use stories to think about behaviour and consequences, using stories, such as ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We will be asking the children if Goldilocks was right or wrong to go into a house that didn’t belong to her and what she could have done differently. This will also link back to the Tiny Tigers helping them to make the right choices and begin to think about the needs of others. We will also link our Christian values (Forgiveness, Aspirations, Interdependence, Trust and Humility) into our circle time sessions using stories and class discussions.



At the end of last term we completed phase 2 phonics and started to learn some of the phase 3 sounds.  (I will continue to send out more details on a Tiny Tiger newsletter). Reading sessions will continue and we ask that you continue to support your child to read at home. It is extremely important that your child reads regularly at home to ensure they get the reading practise they need to continue to make excellent progress. We expect Tiny Tigers to be reading at home at least 4 times a week and Tiny Tigers will be rewarded with team points for reading regularly at home (details in their reading records). We will continue to enjoy books as a class, we will explore the books, think about the characters, discuss new vocabulary and we will be asking questions to make sure children understand the text.

We will be encouraging children to have a go at writing in a variety of contexts that will include labels, menus, lists, letters and stories. As they become more confident with applying their phonics skills we will be using sound buttons to demonstrate and support their emerging independence when listening for the sounds they need to begin to write words down.

We will continue with ‘Helicopter Storytelling’ to support the Tiny Tigers’ imagination, storytelling language and confidence. They will be developing skills that will lead to them becoming writers as they begin to realise how writing can help them to share their ideas – this is a very exciting term!



We will continue to develop understanding of numbers (focusing on the tricky teen numbers), ordering numbers to 20, counting to 100, thinking about one more/less and we will adding and subtracting in lots of practical ways. We will introduce money and provide lots of opportunities for the children to apply their new learning in the role play café/shop. We will also have lots of practical experiences of weighing, measuring time, comparing and ordering (size, weight, length, capacity). We will continue to learn about 2d and 3d shapes and we will provide lots of opportunities to develop mathematical language and problem solving.


Understanding of the World.

We will continue to explore different celebrations around the world by learning about Chinese New Year and looking at the similarities and differences to Christian celebrations with a particular focus on Easter. We will be thinking about being different and unique and celebrating the similarities and differences we have within our class. We will continue to learn about the seasons and observe the changes that happen between winter and spring. Please make sure your child always has a warm coat in school so they are able to take part in any outdoor learning opportunities (we might get some snow to explore). We will be thinking about e-safety learning how to be safe online. We will also be thinking about all of the technology we have in our homes and schools and how it helps us in our day to day lives.


Expressive Arts and Design.

We will continue to sing, dance and enjoy music (from around the world) and begin to make our own music. We will be learning about artist Vincent Van Gogh and looking at some of his most famous paintings – we will of course have a go at creating our own Van Gogh inspired art. We will use the role play area and helicopter storytelling to support our role play, developing imagination and storytelling skills. We will have the opportunity to explore our own ideas using a variety of media and materials throughout the 2 terms.


Thank-you for your continued support,

The Tiny Tiger Team.