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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD

Wolves Year 3 


Wolves – Term 5 and 6

Dear Parents, Carers and children,

Welcome back to our last two terms together! I hope you have had a lovely Easter holiday and enjoyed time with family and friends.

During the coming terms the Wolves will be studying the following topics:

  • English: After visiting the Rare Breeds centre, we will be writing persuasive letters from the perspective of Fern from Charlotte’s web. We will also be writing our own exciting adventure stories to illustrate all the skills we have learnt this year. In addition, we will continue to read a range of texts as a class and focus on identifying new vocabulary, retrieving information and using inference and deduction. We will continue to focus on a range of prefixes and suffixes as well as prepositions, homophones and familiar spellings. Please find attached a copy of the Year 3/4 spelling list from the national curriculum. We also have a special performance poetry workshop running for 4 weeks led by Students from Goodwin Academy.


  • Maths:  This term we aim to secure our mathematical knowledge. This will include: mastering place value, rapid recall of number facts and using the four operations. Additionally, we will be looking at money, time, shape and measures. We will also be completing a range of reasoning and problem solving tasks. Please continue to practise times tables and their relevant division facts. Although these will not always be in the mental maths tests from now on it will be extremely beneficially for years to come.


  • History: Our new History topic is the Anglo Saxons. We will be exploring the different Anglo Saxon Kingdoms and how England was divided. We will take a look at artefacts and culture, create our own Anglo Saxon Village and also look at their conversion to Christianity.


  • Science: Our topic this term is ‘Rocks.’ We will be compare and group different rocks using their physical properties as well as finding out how fossils are formed.


  • Geography: In our Geography topic we will be looking at the village of Kingsdown and its physical and human features. We will be deciding what would make people want to live in Kingsdown and also what would bring tourists to the area. Additionally we will complete a traffic survey and use an excel spreadsheet to convert our results into a range of graphs. We will also look at maps and symbols.



  • PE: Using skills we have already acquired, we will continue to improve our individual performances in athletics in order to achieve our own personal best. 


  • Art:  We will be looking at illustrators and using similar techniques as well as aiming to draw our own cartoon characters with a range of expressions.


  • Computing:  In our topic ‘We are opinion pollsters’ we will be creating our own surveys about school topics, carrying these out and recording our results. Additionally, we will be using our skills to create instructions for younger children.


  • RE:  As well as exploring what Christians believe is ‘The Kingdom of God’ and delving deeper into Pentecost, we will also continue to learn about Sikhism and what is important to Sikhs.


  • Music: We will continue to learn to play the recorder. If you have your own recorder at home and would like to bring it in please do. Our music lessons are 1pm every Wednesday.


  • Homework: Please continue to read regularly at home this is so important and is part of your homework. We will continue to have weekly spellings and mental maths tests on a Friday morning. Please practise these regularly. Homework should be returned on the following Wednesday morning, so it can be marked and given back to you by Friday.


Remember if you do any extra work or research at home, please bring it in to share with the class. Any support at home is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s wellbeing or education please feel free to catch me after school or book an appointment at the office if I am unavailable.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Miss Cressey