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Kingsdown & Ringwould

Church of England Primary School

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Glen Road, Kingsdown
Deal, Kent, CT14 8DD


Our Curriculum Values- Communication, Independence, Collaboration, Resilience, Reflection

As an accredited Thinking School, our curriculum has thinking at its core. By encouraging children to think for themselves, we equip them with life-long skills which they can take into their future lives. We use a number of elements from the Thinkers Toolbox: Thinkers Keys; Thinking Maps; Habits of Mind and Thinking hats, to enrich the learning experience and encourage pupils to investigate and explore the world they live in. 

We are also a Nurture School and we are passionate about looking after our school community's mental health and their well-being. Time is used to help children learn methods and equip them with strategies to help them cope and flourish in today's world. 

The children are also hugely active within our school community (leading clubs and competitions) to involving our local community, (trips to the local care home and the beach) as well as striving for global impact through environmental work (beach cleans) and charity work. 

Literacy and Numeracy are the core skills in your child’s primary education and we focus deeply on children acquiring the necessary skills set for their next educational journey. Every individual's needs are carefully planned for, and enjoyment and passion gently nurtured.

Literacy and Numeracy are evident in all the other subjects in the curriculum, providing opportunities to enrich and develop these skills. However, this does not mean that these other subjects are not just as important! From Science and Geography to Art and Music, children are encouraged to make comparisons, investigate, enquire, and explore.  Areas of the curriculum are often linked together in order to make learning more meaningful. Our beautiful, rural setting offers bountiful experiences to take the children’s learning outside, from ‘Welly Walks’ to orienteering, and even performing in our own amphitheatre! 

We have high expectations of all our children to achieve and do their best whilst staying safe, being healthy, and most importantly of all, enjoying their time at Primary School.

For any additional information please contact the school or the class teacher. If your child already attends the school please use your log in to our VLE:  DB Primary