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Kingsdown & Ringwould Church of England Primary School


Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

Reviewed Annually by Behaviour and Attendance Monitoring Pair

Our principles of behaviour to ensure the whole school community feel safe, face no discrimination and are free to learn:

  • Embed our Christian and British values
  • Help pupils stay safe, healthy and happy
  • Raise pupils’ self-esteem, enabling them to be confident of their right to be treated fairly
  • Help them to develop empathy and respect for themselves and others, reflecting our school’s Christian ethos
  • Develop in our pupils a sense of appropriate behaviour, self-discipline and acceptance of responsibility for their own actions
  • Ensure the individual and collective rights of the whole community
  • Empower staff to determine and request appropriate behaviour from everyone
  • Ensure that the Behaviour policy is fully understood and consistently implemented throughout the school

The Education and Inspectors Act 2006 and DfE guidance (Behaviour in Schools, 2012) requires the Governors to make and frequently review, a written statement of general behaviour principles to guide the Headteacher in determining measures to promote good behaviour.


To read our behaviour policies, please visit our 'Policies' page by clicking here.

Kent LA Exclusion Guidance for Schools and Governors