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Kingsdown & Ringwould Church of England Primary School

Early Years

At Kingsdown and Ringwould, we strongly believe that children in the Foundation Stage learn best through first-hand experience and structured play activities. To your child, play is their "work" and we value it as such.

Our aim is to provide a happy and welcoming atmosphere in a secure and stimulating environment. With these principles in mind your child can develop in confidence, make personal, social and academic progress, working towards becoming an independent learner.

Our aim is that all children here should be happy and successful with us. Our school is the perfect place for your child to start their education.

“After his first day we asked him what his favourite thing in the classroom was, he replied, “Everything and if you were little you’d love it there too.” - The Ashton family  

“I like playing the police game with Elliott and Henry.” - Thomas aged 4 

I’ve made a little bit of a lot of friends. One is Charlotte, one is Henry and one is River.” - Harry aged 4 

“I like playing in the sandpit; I play excavator and dumper trucks.” - George aged 4 

“I already learnt to write a thing in my name it’s a h.” - Charlotte H aged 4 

“My favourite thing about school is playing outside with the different colour blocks.” - Henry aged 4  

“My best thing about school is dressing up and making shows.” - William aged 4 

“I like playing in the home corner with my friends and tidying up too.” - Elliott aged 4 

“I like going outside, lunch, tidying up and helping people” - Piper aged 5 

Former Tiny Tigers……. 

“I liked when the leaves fell off the tree, we threw them in the air when we learnt about Autumn.” - Rollo Year 1 

Reggie – “I remember when we were baking stuff and Danny and me and Lily came to see if the spring rolls were ready.” - Reggie Year 1 

Dexter – “I remember when I built the Eiffel Tower with that picture to copy. I put the skinny ones all up the top I did the bottom and Max did the top bit and we put three little spikes on the top bit.” - Dexter Year 2 

“I remember I loved I’m going on a bear hunt I liked when we could act some of it out.” - Harry Year 2  

“In TT I remember when I played with Freddie and we dressed up as a sheep because we were learning a story from Noah’s ark.” - Max year 2

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EYFS Policy

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